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 HIII, this is my intro!

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HIII, this is my intro! Empty
PostSubject: HIII, this is my intro!   HIII, this is my intro! EmptySat Oct 01, 2011 2:38 pm

hey stoned pkers, my umer

names ign : umer
age: 17
location : canada

i love to play private servers, ive played every server in the top 20, and this is the new one ive started on, and i like it, thats why i decided to stick with this one, because when i played nrpk for 2 years, they failed to keep there economy stable therefor i had to leave nrpk.

about me: im a fun guy i like to pk and have fun in severs, im not usually on alot because i have things going on irl, and yea mostly ill be on at nights, (est time) due to my school teams.

ive been playing runescape for about 6 years, ive lead alot of runescape top 5 clans and some of them are still top 5, im fairly used to runescape pking, f2p/p2p based. i quit runescape because i wanted wildy back alot and now that its back they ruined the game even more, therefor i hate it rs...

and this is my intro Smile
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HIII, this is my intro!
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