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 shitload of suggestions

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PostSubject: shitload of suggestions   shitload of suggestions EmptySat Aug 06, 2011 8:28 am

-Corporeal beast

-pkp shop with items wich u guys choose...

-slayer shop ( each task gives points after finishing, with the points u can buy like slayer helm, xp lamps and stuff like that, things that are handy with slayer)

- ::staff for staff zone tele, with some monster or something... (or make donorzone for sraff too)

- Voting points shop ( 2 voting sites, each give 1 point if u vote, put some good items in the shop so people vote alot to get enough votes)

- items kept on death tab

- make the command ::reset with a fee, like 10m to reset, people reset to much to get a shitload of points

-Clue's scroll system ( lvl 1 clue's are 2 steps, lvl 2 are 4 steps, lvl3 are 6 or 7 steps) [Note: the lvl 3's would be in wildy, high risk but chance on 3rd age or something]

that's all for now, when i have more i'll post again...

shitload of suggestions 10igg7b
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PostSubject: This is a good ideal :D   shitload of suggestions EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 7:29 pm

i like all of his ideas Very Happy
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shitload of suggestions
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